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The Topsham School is at the heart of a vibrant and active town. We reach out into the community at every opportunity; singing at local events and hosting the annual Topsham Art Show during the school summer holidays.

We seek to work in partnership with our neighbours. Across the road is the Nancy Potter House, run by Estuary League of Friends; a community space that also provides educational support for many of our pupils. This includes, reading groups in their beautiful library and a code club. These initiatives are all led by teams of trained volunteers. Their work does so much to not only support children’s progress but enriches learning; what they provide is something that we cannot do in school and so is of great value to teachers, children and parents.

Although we are not a faith school, we actively seek to have close links with the religious communities in our locality. Our assemblies are regularly led by minsters from the local churches and they often host some of the school’s special celebrations such as Christmas and Easter. These occasions provide the opportunity for our children to develop an understanding of faith and so support tolerance and acceptance of others.

Our location, as an Estuary Town and on the edge of the City of Exeter, means that our curriculum and learning can be greatly enhanced by the many varied and exciting opportunities which we can access for our pupils. Our topics and themes are linked to our locality as much as possible to support our children develop a sense of place and of belonging.

We are incredibly fortunate to have The Topsham Swimming Pool which provides an  essential resources needed to provide swimming lessons for all our children in Key Stage 2; a key life skill for children growing up so close to the estuary and the sea!

The school has an extremely active PTA who provide a wealth of creative and enthusiastic events that give opportunities for staff and our families, across our community, to not only come together to have fun and enjoy each other’s company but also raise money for the school. They provide an invaluable support to the school’s curriculum, providing enrichment through much needed resources, a yearly performance led by a local theatre group, financial contributions towards class trips and so much more. Their commitment and drive is incredible.

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15 June 2024

Nothing from 15 June 2024 to 15 June 2024.

Upcoming Events

  • Sports Day
    June 20, 2024

  • Year 3 Exe Estuary trip
    June 21, 2024

  • Reserve date for Sports Day
    June 27, 2024

  • Year 4 Day Trip to Exmouth – Water sports
    July 2, 2024

  • Year 4 overnight stay at Sid Vale Scout Hut
    July 3, 2024