How to help your child settle into Nursery and Reception

The best way to help your child settle in is to make sure that they are as independent as possible.

The most useful things that your child needs to be able to do are all very practical things.

For example it is really helpful if your child can:

  • Use a tissue to blow their nose
  • Dress and undress themselves
  • Wash and dry their hands themselves
  • Put their coat on independently and preferably do it up too
  • Take themselves to the toilet
  • Manage their own personal hygiene

If, for any reason, your child should have an accident, then we will change them into clean, dry clothes. We always have a supply of spare clothes in school. We would be very grateful if you could wash and return the borrowed clothes as soon as possible.

How to help your child settle into the Foundation Stage Unit

If there are ever any issues that either you or your child are unsure about, then please come and talk to your child’s teacher.