Visions, Values and Mission Statement


A love of learning and commitment to the success of every child at the heart of all we do.


Our TOPSHAM values have been created, in consultation with the whole learning community, to ensure we reach this goal.


Trust and Respect: A positive learning environment is based on respectful relationships. We expect everyone to treat each other with curtesy and with kindness in words and actions. We expect everyone to listen to one another and accept and value each other’s differences. Conflict is part of life and we strive to ensure that our children learn ways to manage disagreement effectively through compromise and tolerance and this is modelled by all staff within the school.

Teaching and learning is a collaborative process.  Teachers trust that children will be ready to learn and actively engage in every learning opportunity.  Children trust that their teachers will be well prepared and able to meet their individual needs with understanding, whether these be educational or emotional.  Parents trust teaching staff to be honest in regards of their child’s needs, progress and attainment and know that their child will be appropriately supported.  As a school we trust parents to actively participate in their child’s education, supporting their child to succeed and achieve.

Opportunity for all: We value every person in our learning community and strive for equity for all. As a community we celebrate diversity, ensure equal opportunities are created and welcome everyone regardless of their background, race, culture or religion. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of all our children and families and are determined to give every child a wide range of experiences and challenges to support them to develop their interests, discover their strengths and celebrate personal achievements. Our curriculum is clearly linked to children’s interests to ignite their curiosity and engagement and to support children feel part of our community. School trips, residential, sporting events, visits and workshops led by outside artists and professionals provide inspiration and support in raising children’s aspirations. We want our children to dream big and know that with the right attitude, and grasping opportunities they can achieve their goals.

Partnerships: An effective, successful school is based on effective, successful partnerships. Our teaching staff work hard to develop strong, working relationships with parents, knowing what a valuable contribution they make to their child’s progress and achievements. Opportunities are provided for children to build relationships within our community that encourage them to be proactive in their responsibilities towards the local community and the wider world. Our school governors are actively engaged in all aspects of school life, providing both support and challenge as the school continually strives to improve outcomes for children. The school is outward looking and works closely with other schools in our locality, as part of the River Exe Learning Partnership (RELP); collaborating, researching and sharing best practice. We actively engage with initiatives and research at a national and international level.

Success: We are committed to the success of every child. We know that each child’s learning journey will be unique to them and celebrate with them when a goal has been met. As well as providing high quality provision we also ensure that children understand their role in achieving success. This includes showing them what success looks like, the steps they need to learn to succeed and providing them with the appropriate level of challenge to support them in meeting their next step targets.

Health and happiness: We want everyone in our learning community to be happy. To support this, we teach our children how to keep physically healthy through our PE provision, active playtimes and a wide variety of sports clubs.   We strive to ensure everyone knows how to achieve good mental health and what strategies to use to support this.  Our Mental Health Ambassadors work as valuable role models for this. Everyone needs to feel safe and cared for if they are to learn, succeed and be happy.  We create a warm, safe and nurturing environment that meets and matches the needs of everyone in our school community.  We understand that people encounter many ups and downs within their lives and at times may need more support than others; this includes supporting our children, parents and teachers during times of transition.  We teach our children empathy and understanding, and adults’ model this at all times.

Aspiration and Attitudes to Learning: We ensure all our children become confident, independent learners with an enthusiasm for acquiring knowledge.  Challenge is at the heart of successful learning and everyone aspires to ‘achieve or be more’.  Children are taught to understand how they learn and the skills and learning behaviours they need to work through and conquer each new challenge.  They are taught the process of learning and understand that making mistakes is part of this process and is to be seen as a positive.  We continue to ensure that strong leadership is embedded at all levels and provide a challenging and motivating environment for staff so that they are supported to be the best they can be.  Teachers actively seek out and participate in developing collaborative networks that have the capacity to sustain continuous improvement.

Motivation: Teachers are passionate about teaching and learning and the subjects they teach.  They are relentless in finding ways that engage, enthuse and inspire the learners in their care.  Children are encouraged to be curious and have a ‘thirst’ for knowledge.  They know what their next steps are and want to achieve.


​With a passion and commitment to learning, centred on warm, nurturing and respectful relationships we provide an environment and curriculum that motivates and challenges everyone in our school to succeed.

How the children have defined these values for themselves:

Trust and Respect: I take responsibility for my own behaviour, strive to make good choices and can accept the consequences of any poor choice I make. I trust my peers to look after me and our school property.  I trust and respect others by listening to them, valuing their opinion, and acting with care and kindness in all I do. I expect to be treated in the same way.

Opportunities for all: I dream BIG and put 100% effort into all I do! I actively involve myself in my learning and the many opportunities school provides, supporting others to do the same. I know that we are not all the same and I accept and celebrate others’ differences.

Partnerships: I am able to talk to others and can resolve disagreements with respect and kindness. I am able to work well with others, sharing ideas and collaborating, helping others to achieve their goals.

Success: I am learning what success looks like for me and how I can get there. I know that it is OK to ask for help and I do this when I need to. I want to challenge myself and I do my best to achieve my goal.

Health and Happiness: I keep myself and others around me safe. I follow our school values and try and be an example to others; using kind hands, feet and words. I work hard to be physically and mentally healthy so I can be happy and I know who I can talk to if I am feeling sad, or upset. I am empathetic and accept that we all need different support at different times.

Aspiration and Attitudes to Learning: I want to be the best I can be.  I am in school to learn and make the most progress I can. I know I am as equally responsible for my learning as my teacher.  I know that learning is hard but am strong enough not to give up and I learn from my mistakes.

Motivation: I know that learning never stops and I work hard in every aspect of school life because I want to. I want to be proud of myself.

We have worked hard to ensure that the British Values of Law, Tolerance, Democracy, Liberty, Respect and Responsibility are embedded in the values that we have chosen to create and follow as a learning community. This supports our children understand what British Values actually mean in relation to their own behaviour choices and how they, themselves, relate to others both within our learning community and the wider community.